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Barrack Place

The design for the redevelopment of 151 Clarence Street creates a new 17 storey 5 Star Green Star A-Grade commercial address at the gateway to the emerging western corridor of central Sydney.

Victoria University of Wellington Campus Hub & Library

This project looks to align existing library facilities with international best practice and integrate them into the new Hub to create a heart for the Victoria University of Wellington Kelburn Campus.

Dunstan Grove, Lindfield

The buildings form and position respond to the site topography providing a distinctive line between the building and the bush.

The Women’s College New Student Accommodation

The Women’s College is a place where women from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds come together and live in an encouraging,supported and relaxed environment whilst undertaking their various fields of academic pursuit at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia campus.

Kerrisdale Gardens Aged Care Community

Kerrisdale Gardens will be a familiar place where residents can feel both ‘at home‘ and part of an identifiable community.

General Medical Training, Townsville

This facility hosts professionals from remote inland and coastal northern Queensland for week long training programs.



20 May 2019

Architectus celebrates as two projects receive awards at the 2019 Property Council of Australia’s Innovation and Excellence Awards.

15 May 2019

Our Christchurch studio, in association with Architecture + Women NZ, hosted a sold-out speed mentoring evening last week.

10 May 2019

AL_A & Architectus have been selected to participate in a design competition for a new 18,000m2 museum in Parramatta, Sydney.

1 May 2019

Architectus’ excellence in the design of education, public, health and commercial buildings has been recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects with five projects shortlisted for 2019 awards.
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